Virtual training

Online training to help those in graphic design, web design & development, video, animation and social media lovers to learn how to efficiently use the latest technology, innovative software and tools.

Virtual training will help you to learn how to build your skills and to create a brighter future. Our certified Adobe, Autodesk, Apple and Maxon instructors are fully equipped and prepared to teach you online. In the age of digital technology no bad weather, traffic jams or long distance matters – in order to study, the only thing you need is access to the internet.


Small group online learning for people with ambition
How it works:

Virtual Class is a live online training session where you book a session and one of our superclever instructors will lead you and a group of fellow learners through the training. Our Virtual Class groups are always small – a maximum of six – to make sure that everyone has trainer time and the opportunity to ask questions. You’ll be able to interact with your peers and the instructor live and you’ll feel motivated and supported by your Virtual Class colleagues.


Get trained by the best expert – wherever they are
How it works:

You’ll visit one of our comfy training centres and you’ll be part of a group who’ll be led by a remotely-based real-person instructor who will instruct you live. You’ll be able to see his/her screen and they’ll be able to see yours. We believe in having the best instructors in the UK – which means they are not always local to our centres. Virtual Instructor online classes mean that you’ll be able to benefit from the best in the business – wherever they are!


One to one online training that gets you where you want to go
How it works:

You’ll be coached through the course of your choice in the comfort of your own home or your workplace. Your instructor will teach you remotely, live. You’ll be able to see his/her screen and they’ll be able to see yours. This is the ultimate in personalised, interactive, mentored training. You’ll spend more time on the things you need to and be able to ask as many questions as you like. It’s your time, and your instructor.


Attend a real-time class without leaving home
How it works:

We’ll link you into one of our live real-life, real-time conveniently-scheduled classroom sessions.
You’ll take part in classroom training from your own home or workplace, watching and listening to the instructor as he takes a class of real, warm-blooded people at one of our training centres. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and you’ll practise your skills on your desktop just as if you were there.

If you’re interested in Virtual Training – call us on 0800 043 8889 now. It’s the start of your amazing journey.