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Swift is Apple’s replacement for the Objective C language, that seeks to simplify the process of coding and modernise the language used for creating iOS and OS X apps. 18-month free class retake included.

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Nowadays, the upcoming developers want to develop applications for mobile devices, particularly for iPhone for they have changed the mobile world completely. Academy Class brings its iPhone Application Development training course to make application development cycle easy to understand and fun.

At Academy Class we are teaching developers to create full-featured iPhone applications from scratch in this iPhone Application Development training course taught by Apple-certified and industry renowned professionals. Our comprehensive courseware and step-by-step guided classes will eradicate all malfunctions and confusions you might otherwise face while developing iPhone applications, and thus save your valuable time.Students will learn how to use the major tools and APIs in the iOS SDK 4 and how they all fit together to build iPhone applications like the experts. You will gain practical coding experience to set you on your way to start creating your own iPhone applications with self-assurance.

With our expert’s guidance you will complete iPhone Application Development training course with the knowledge of Xcode 4, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch programming, UIKit framework and the APIs included in the iOS SDK. You will be able to use these powerful tools and be ready to create your first iPhone application or improve your existing applications.

Academy Class will train you in using navigation tools, view options and their controllers, table views, keyboard input, gesture recognizers, core data along with teaching you animation techniques, how to enhance applications’ performance, debugging of applications and transition to the iPad in its iPhone Application Development training course.

Furthermore, you will be skilled at interface building, networking, picture integration, address book access and personalization, usage of accelerometer, GPS usability, persistence of data, custom drawing, accessing camera and photos with applications, profiling and live device testing, push e-mail application development, multi-touch functions and much more with our iPhone Application Development training course.

Academy Class provides you high quality iPhone/iPad iOS course and guarantees that it is a satisfying learning experience with us. We also offer you free of charge re-sit of the course, within 18 months of your first day of training to refresh what you’ve learned.

All our classes at Academy Class begin at 9.30am and running till 4:30pm.


It’s the best opportunity to get the most out of your learning experience while blending technology with classroom instructions. We supply training videos, notes and/or reference texts.

If you have any gaps in your knowledge or want to refresh your skills, you are more than welcome to come back and retake the live online class free of charge up to 18 months after you have taken the class.

If you don’t absolutely LOVE your class, we’ll give you a full refund!  Let us know on the FIRST day of your training if something isn’t quite right and give us a chance to fix it or give you your money back.

Because we’re committed to your success, we’re offering you the opportunity to pay for your training monthly, rather than the whole cost upfront. 

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Equipped with years of industry experience our instructors will assure a successful leap in your knowledge, improvement and preparation.

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