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Adobe Premiere Pro is a widely-used video and multimedia editing and post production software, highly recommended by the industry experts in film-making and broadcasting. At Academy Class you can learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro to produce videos that have a professional look. 18-month Free class retake included.

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Adobe Premiere Pro is a widely-used video and multimedia editing and post production software, highly recommended by the industry experts in film-making and broadcasting for producing powerful, compelling content. Working at HD, 4K, 8K and beyond, it mixes frame rates and video formats in the same timeline. It works with footage from broadcast cameras, high-end digital device, mobile device, DSLR, action camera or any source. Add audio and video effects, titles, and export it to any screen or format, integrating with Photoshop, Illustrator & After Effects.

Learn about the features of Adobe Premiere Pro with Academy Class’ course, including e-review, color correction tools, usage of HDV format, and multi-cam workflows. This course will help students master the art of editing and  interface design. It will also teach you to edit video clips, create digital movies for professional quality output, assemble video, audio, and still images.

With Academy Class’ Adobe Premiere Pro course you can apply your visual skills and get a command over video editing. You will learn video production techniques including combining video, audio, and image-stills, timelines, assembling video clips, controlling sequences and enhancing them with transitions such as wipes and fades, introducing title sequences, fading and combining multiple audio tracks, and outputting to different formats for high, medium and lower quality requirements.

In Adobe Premiere Pro courses you will be learning how to do project management, image processing filters, motion control, compositing and superimposing, precision audio editing, compression and optimization of video, and dynamic integration with other Adobe applications. Students will also be trained to use features of transparency, Alpha and Luma keying, Chroma keying, image adjustment and distort filters, split edits, audio mixer, etc.

The Adobe Premiere Pro courses at Academy Class provide high quality training to students and they get to learn from our expert, Adobe-certified instructors. These courses are guaranteed to give you a strong grip over this powerful post production software.

Academy Class offers you Adobe Premiere Pro training courses in multiple cities: London, Glasgow, Manchester and Leeds. Our instructors are chosen on the basis on their capability to deliver industry-related expertise and a wealth of knowledge to give you a rich experience in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Academy Class provides you high quality Adobe Premiere Pro training course and guarantees that it is a satisfying learning experience with us. We also offer you free of charge re-sit of the course, within 18 months of your first day of training to refresh what you’ve learned.

All our classes at Academy Class begin at 9.30am and running till 4:30pm. Enrol now in one of the best Premiere Pro, Adobe-authorised training courses.

Blended Learning

It’s the best opportunity to get the most out of your learning experience while blending technology with classroom instructions. We supply training videos, notes and/or reference texts.

18-month Free Class Retake

If you have any gaps in your knowledge or want to refresh your skills, you are more than welcome to come back and retake the live online class free of charge up to 18 months after you have taken the class.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you don’t absolutely LOVE your class, we’ll give you a full refund! Let us know on the FIRST day of your training if something isn’t quite right and give us a chance to fix it or give you your money back.


Because we’re committed to your success, we’re offering you the opportunity to pay for your training monthly, rather than the whole cost upfront.

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Experienced Instructors

Equipped with years of industry experience our instructors will assure a successful leap in your knowledge, improvement and preparation.

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