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Adobe Photoshop allows you to create anything you can imagine and it will take you to a new level by learning its incredible diversity. It’s the experts’ choice for image manipulation – from cropping and straightening to polishing and perfecting photos, correcting exposure, colour and lighting. Further, 3D content, graphics designing, web designing, logos, paintings and illustrations. 18-month Free class retake included.

Download your free Introduction to Graphic Design and Photoshop [Whitepaper]. If you’re interested in Photoshop, but don’t know where to start, help is at hand. At Academy Class, we’ve put together an Introduction to Graphic Design and Photoshop whitepaper, and you can download it for free. Scroll down to claim your free copy.

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Introduction to Graphic Design and Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the most famous and popular piece of design software in the world, but it can be daunting when you first open it up. Our guide will help you grasp the basics of Photoshop. It will give you a taste of what this awesome tool can do, leaving you eager to learn more.

The start of the whitepaper gives you a short history of graphic design. Then we dive into Photoshop. You’ll learn how to get started and take a tour of the Toolbox. You’ll progress through vector paths, layers, animation and 3D effects. You’ll also learn how to tie it all together and use Photoshop in the real world. The guide concludes with some articles about fonts, one of the cornerstones of graphic design.

We think you’ll love our whitepaper, and you’ll want to take your graphic design and Photoshop studies further. Are you in? Download your free copy here.

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Academy Photoshop courses will give you the training you need to succeed. Learning Adobe Photoshop nonetheless can be an intimidating task. In our Adobe Photoshop course we equip the students with comprehensive knowledge to digital imaging concepts and practices crucial to master this dominant software in the graphic designing world.

In Academy Class’ Adobe Photoshop courses you will learn to use basics like Layers, Smart Objects, Text, Gradients, Adjustment Layers, Navigator Palette and Hand Tool, Duplicate, Image Size and Resolution, Canvas Size, Crop Tool, History Palette Basics, creating Vector images and saving images.

Students will also learn Image Modes and Color Selection, Color Primer, Color and Swatch Palettes, Eyedropper and Info Palette, Selections and Masks, Marquee Selection Tools, Lasso and Wand Selection Tools, Transforming Selections, Quick Mask Mode, Alpha Channels and Channel Palette. Additionally, they will also be trained in using Blend Modes, Layers Palette, move, copy and transform Layers, Advanced Layer Features.

You will also be educated in the Type Tool, Type Palettes and Text Warping, Paint Bucket and Fill Command, Pattern and Line Tools, Brushes and Fade, Pencil, Paintbrush and Airbrush Tools, Eraser Tools, Blur, Sharpen, Smudge tools, Dodge, Burn, Sponge tools, Clone Stamp, History Brush and Art History Brush; and will be able to create HDR images.

Upon the completion of the Adobe Photoshop course at Academy Class, students will have the understanding mandatory to be able to create extraordinary Photoshop images from zilch, and expertly maneuver existing images.

The Adobe Photoshop training courses at Academy Class provide superior training and you get to learn from the expert Academy Class Adobe-certified instructors. These courses are guaranteed to make you more productive and get a grip over new technologies. Academy Class offers you Adobe Photoshop course in multiple cities: London, Glasgow, Manchester, Cardiff, Leeds and Birmingham. Our instructors are chosen on the basis on their capability to deliver industry-related expertise and a wealth of knowledge to give you a rich experience in Adobe Photoshop.

Academy Class provides you high quality Adobe Photoshop training course and guarantees that it is a satisfying learning experience with us. We also offer you free of charge re-sit of the course, within 18 months of your first day of training to refresh what you’ve learned.

All our classes at Academy Class begin at 9.30am and running till 4:30pm. Enroll now in one of the best Photoshop, Adobe-authorized training courses!

Blended Learning

It’s the best opportunity to get the most out of your learning experience while blending technology with classroom instructions. We supply training videos, notes and/or reference texts.

18-month Free Class Retake

If you have any gaps in your knowledge or want to refresh your skills, you are more than welcome to come back and retake the live online class free of charge up to 18 months after you have taken the class.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you don’t absolutely LOVE your class, we’ll give you a full refund! Let us know on the FIRST day of your training if something isn’t quite right and give us a chance to fix it or give you your money back.


Because we’re committed to your success, we’re offering you the opportunity to pay for your training monthly, rather than the whole cost upfront.

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Experienced Instructors

Equipped with years of industry experience our instructors will assure a successful leap in your knowledge, improvement and preparation.

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