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29 July 7pm

Our world and our working lives have changed substantially! It has been stressful and scary navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic towards the ‘new normal’. This journey comes with additional challenges, responsibilities and pressures. Many of us are struggling to cope!

We’re only human! And in times of uncertainty we can obsessively worry about:

“What will happen to my family if we run short on money?”​

“What will happen if I, or people I love get sick?”​

“Will I have a job tomorrow?”​

“How long will all of this last?”​

"What will happen to my family if we run short on money?"

"What will happen if I, or people I love get sick?"

"Will I have a job tomorrow?"

"How long will all of this last?"

Robust mental and emotional resilience is our best skill

to stay calm and keep our mind under control for positive and proactive action to bat whatever is thrown at us, to a six!

In this 1 hour workshop,
I will show you how!

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Resilience is not a personality trait – it is a skill that everyone and anyone can master!

Program Summary

Only 60 places

Essential knowledge for every business owner, leader, parent, employee, or individual interested in learning a proven Personal Activation System, that teaches you how to handle the high pressures of career and life, while consistently reaching the pinnacle of performance.

Program Summary

The Main Goal

Share with you our step by step system (and powerful accompanying app) which helps unlock your inner super-powers through actionable and proven mental training, resulting in stronger work performance and increased happiness at home.

About Your Host

Adele Hartland

Adele is the founder and owner of Lacuna Coaching Ltd, she is an award-winning executive leadership, life and team coach, change management practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Mind Mentor and Heartmath Coach who is passionate about enabling both people and organisations to reach their full potential through personal and professional development. Adele has over 20 years’ experience working in both corporates and SME’s and now assists individuals and businesses around the world to grow and thrive!

If you are looking to find new ways of thinking that enable you to overcome anxiety, better manage stress and overwhelm and improve your relationships then register now.

Master the Mind

Win the Inner Game.

Discover the 3 secrets to creating a more passionate, abundant and stress-free life, quickly and without working overtime on yourself


• Unlock your capabilities while minimising or eliminating stress.
• Get on top of overwhelm and anxiety.


• Unleash new levels of energy that you never thought possible.
• Release your inner fears and dissolve limiting beliefs.


• Discover and understand your master mind and the extraordinary powers it holds.
• Learn the daily habits to help you create your dream life.

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