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PhoneGap / Cordova



This course introduces the principles, capabilities and workflows of developing cross-platform mobile apps with the PhoneGap/Cordova tools. We explore building apps for individual use, company-wide use and for publishing to app stores. Plenty of hands on exercises consolidate the real-world application development skills on emulators and/or delegates actual devices. Only free tools are used in this course.

While iOS and Android are the main platforms discussed, we can include Windows and Windows Phone, FireOS, Blackberry10 or any of the many alternative platforms as development targets.

A good grasp of modern HTML5, CSS and especially JavaScript is essential to get the most from this course.

Introducing Cross-Platform Single Codebase App Development
  • Explaining PhoneGap and Cordova
  • The development workflow
  • Capabilities and limitations
The Development Environment
  • Installing the tools
    • Setting up XCode for iOS App development (requires an Apple Mac)
    • Setting up Android SDK for Android App development (Windows, Mac or Linux)
    • Setting up for Windows App development (requires a Windows PC)
    • PhoneGap Build: creating iOS and Android Apps from any development platform
  • Simple code editing tools
  • Optional emulators
  • Connecting to real devices over USB or via the PhonaGap app
Scaffolding Application Architecture
  • Simple command-line procedures
  • Building an app from scratch by hand
  • Modular development practices
  • Debugging techniques
Performance and Security
  • Coding for the best performance
  • Avoiding performance bottle-necks
  • Considering bandwidth and battery life
  • App permissions and security
  • Ensuring app and assets are secure and trustworthy
Device Sensors
  • Accessing motion and gyroscope
  • Coding for Geolocation apps
  • Camera, microphone and other sensors
Using Plugins
  • Installing optional plugins to access device features
  • Keeping code up to date
  • Popular and reliable plugins
Application Life-cycle Events
  • Responding to pause, resume and destroy events
  • Dealing with interruptions such as calls and messages
  • Detecting and responding to network availability
  • Using images at different resolutions
  • Providing compatible audio and video assets
Alerts and Notification
  • Customizing alert buttons and outcomes
  • Creating native notifications and toasts
Overview of App Design
  • Typical design decisions
  • Using Fonts and Glyphs
  • Design furniture: CSS sprites
  • Responding to Screen Capabilities and Orientation
  • Choosing between platform default and corporate design across platforms
Accessing Data
  • Using AJAX to load external data
  • Persisting data locally on the device
  • Security concerns and approaches
Publishing Apps
  • Understanding the configuration options for each platform
  • Important files and decisions
  • Apple, Android and Windows developer accounts
  • Certificates, keys and the digital signing process
  • Other API keys you might need: maps etc.

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