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KickStart Your Design Career



Learn everything you need to know to become a freelance designer!

You have acquired the software skills and now want to use this knowledge to  launch a successful career as a self-employed graphic designer. With your skills and experience in place, you can easily get work from home, saving you travel time and money. You can be your own boss and will have the freedom to do some really creative work from your studio at home.

Apart from design skills, you will also need some business knowledge and understanding of the industry and your competition. Who better to learn from than our experienced instructors, who all have successful careers in the industry?



Aspiring graphic designers, or people wanting to transitioning into a freelance design job or taking on design responsibilities, who need to create illustrations, logos, advertisements or other graphic documents.



The basics of Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.



 What you need to get started

  • Portfolio / website, CV, business cards
  • hardware and software
  • Ways to start your business effectively & cheaply

Working as a contractor or freelancer

  • When is the right time to start freelancing
  • The pros and cons of being self employed
  • Financial considerations
  • Contracts, T&Cs, copyright, billing and other legal considerations
  • The ups and downs of working from home
  • Finding collaborations and expanding your network
  • Working with copywriters, photographers and other outside agencies

Breaking into the freelance market

  • Understanding your client and target market
  • The different ways of getting work and finding clients
  • Pitching for the job
  • The first meeting: Creating a brief
  • Setting your rates & quoting for the job
  • The do’s and don’t when dealing with clients

Design for the non-designer

  • Design terminology
  • From concept to visualization
  • The creative process
  • Getting inspired
  • The 5 principles of good design
  • Layout techniques
  • An introduction to typography
  • Choosing and combining the right typefaces
  • Creating interesting type treatments
  • An introduction to colour theory
  • Working with different colour combinations
  • Getting the most out of your images

Preparing the file for print or web

  • Getting print quotes
  • Choosing paper, special inks and other printing processes
  • Printing and technical considerations
  • Setting up your files for the web

Day 1 – Logo & Identity Design

Day 2 – Book & Magazine Design

Day 3 – Website & App Design

Day 4 – Art & Illustration

Day 5 – Packaging & Label Design


Every day the schedule would be the following:

10:00 – Introduction of the topic

10:30 – Inspiration for the project (useful techniques  and examples presented by the instructor)

11:00 – Delegates start working on their selected project

12:30 – Review of progress

13:00 – Short lunch break

13:30 – More inspiration for the project (useful techniques and examples presented by the instructor)

14:00 – Continuing work on the project

16:00 – Final review

16:30 – Submission of the work (optional)


The only difference to this would be the first and last days. On the first day the instructor would introduce how crowdsourcing works in the beginning and help everyone to set up their accounts on 99designs.com. On the beginning of the last day the instructor would explain what is the best way to create an effective portfolio and CV, which can be used successfully when searching for jobs in the creative industry.

Public Scheduled Classes

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Attend a real-time class without leaving home.

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