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Digital Art with Photoshop



You can learn the techniques used in the games and movie industries, to create the visual concepts from the beginning and throughout production.



Any designer who wants to take their skills to a higher level.


Assumed knowledge

Students should have a basic knowledge of Photoshop as well as basic drawing skills.


What you will learn
  • Basics of becoming a digital artist
  • Sketching and colouring
  • Eyes, skin, metal, environments
  • Matte painting
  • Concept art


Day 1: Basics to become a Digital artist
  • Using a digital tablet, painting on a digital canvas
  • Painting with Photoshop (brush engine, layers, blend modes and masking)
  • Theory of creating art (composition, lighting, colours, perspective, style, genres, anatomy, etc)
  • Getting inspiration from famous digital artists and their work
Day 2: Sketching and Colouring
  • Creating sketches to capture ideas and play with composition and form
  • Reviewing and selecting the best sketches
  • Modifying and preparing sketches for colouring
  • Lay out the colour scheme of the image 
Day 3: The Devil is in the details
  • Working on particular elements of an image: eyes, hair, skin, metal, environment, clouds, etc.
  • Finalising the coloured sketch form day 2 
Day 4: Matte painting
  • Using photographic elements to build a scene for a movie or a computer game 
Day 5: Concept art
  • Creating a concept for a hero, a villain and a monster character for a movie or a computer game
  • Reviewing artwork created during the course and learning from each other

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