Save With Academy Class Vouchers


Academy Class Vouchers are a flexible, cost-effective solution for training multiple individuals within a team or across an organisation.

Academy Class Vouchers allow any member within your organisation to book a training course anytime over a 12 month period.

Multiple users can make dramatic savings, booking 10 to 30 day training blocks from the Academy Class schedule.

It’s up to you how many Academy Class Vouchers you purchase. All you need to remember is that, the more you buy, the more you save.

How Academy Class Vouchers Work:

  1. You estimate the annual number of courses your team or organisation requires.
  2. You purchase a block of Academy Class Vouchers equivalent to the annual number of courses you require. The volume discount on the standard course fee is determined by the number of Vouchers purchased.
  3. Academy Class assigns a specific number to your block of Academy Class Vouchers.
  4. To enrol on a course, simply call 0800 043 8889, and provide the Academy Voucher number as the method of payment.

Academy Class Vouchers Give You:

  • Flexibility: With Vouchers, you can send any of your employees to any Academy Class Training Course anytime within 12 months.
  • Convenience: Save time, paperwork and effort. Take care of all your training needs for the entire year with one single purchase order.
  • Ease: Managing your training is easy with our monthly Voucher Summary Reports that detail who has attended which courses during the month and how many Vouchers you have remaining.
  • Savings: The more Vouchers you purchase, the more money you save.

Our voucher deal includes the following courses at 101, 201, 301, Jumpstart and Creative Licence level.

Adobe: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Muse, Animate, Captivate, Autodesk: 3ds Max, AutoCAD, Maya, Revit Architecture, Maxon: Cinema 4D, Web fundamentals: WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

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