Become a web developer

Web Development Courses

A web developer is more than someone who can write the coding necessary to customize a website. They are the people who put the website together. They work with the graphic artists, copywriters, and coders in some cases, to put together a website that is going to appeal to the client’s audience.

Where to Start

As a web developer, you need to be able to create the design for the website, code it, and sell it to your clients. Most web developers work on a freelance basis so creating a solid portfolio and reputation is important. Start your career by taking web development courses, such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Education is vital to becoming a Web developer. The majority of people obtain a formal education in programming but there are plenty of ways to obtain the programming information you need to become a web developer. You also need to know how to create a marketable website. Business and web design courses are great starts to your education as a web developer. This position demands that you know how to handle and navigate all the aspects of creating a website.

You will need to know things such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Business and marketing courses can provide a wealth of information as well as basic writing, eCommerce, and design courses. Web developers bring together the various aspects of a web design from the graphic artists to the copywriters. Knowing the basics of these jobs helps a web developer navigate easily and helps them to know what is trending across the board.

Equipment and Software

Excellent software and equipment can make your job as a web developer that much easier. Once you finish your web development course, you will need a good computer and something that can handle the necessary requirements for high-level coding and programming work. You will also need the right pieces of software: this includes such programs as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


A portfolio for a web developer revolves around creating examples of your work. This means creating what is known as dummy sites. Dummy sites are also a great way to practice your skills because they are not generally live sites. However, they can be used to show off your web design and development skills. You may also have sites that you have already created for other clients as part of your portfolio. You want to highlight your best work. Portfolios are helpful during interviews and are essential for those web developers seeking to freelance.

Get Involved

For a web developer, networking is important but being involved in the community is even more so, you want to make sure you are able to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening in the world as far as web design and development goes. You want to know what the latest and greatest things are because you will need to know and incorporate these things in order to maintain your competitive edge.

Own It

Web site development is perfect for someone detail oriented, who loves putting pieces together from a variety of sources and smoothing them out so they fit together seamlessly. Start out by knowing the right information; learning the right software applications and tools and you will be on your way to becoming a successful web developer.

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