Meet Our Expert Training Advisors

Academy Class is a London, Manchester and Online-based training centre focused on assisting graphic designers, architects, web designers and other creative professionals further their careers by providing quality courses, trainers and experienced training advisors.

At Academy Class, we strive to be here for you. Our expert training advisors are always willing to help guide students make the absolute best choice regarding their education. If you combine our unsurpassed training expertise with our first-rate courses, you will find a perfectly curated cocktail of knowledge.

Meet Our Expert Training Advisors Below:

Gary Appleyard

Head of Sales

I have worked in training for the past 20 years, 9 of those with Academy Class, ranging from Business Development, Product Design, Operations to now Head, Sales. Why? I believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to be the best they can and professional training is an essential part of that journey.

Whether you are looking for a career change, enhancing your existing skills or managing a team, you will receive ethical advice from me regarding your training needs. If you’re looking for guidance on which training is going to help you grow on your career journey, feel free to get in touch with me for an open conversation and if you like what’s been said, I’ll be pleased to work with you to arrange your training program.

I do take people development seriously, but there will be some fun aspects to our conversations and at my age I can pretty much talk about anything and everything, as some of my colleagues and clients would attest.


Sharjil Quraishi

Learning & Development Specialist

A Learning and Development Specialist with excellent interpersonal skills and extensive knowledge of the industry-standard software’s in design, engineering, video production and 3D/VR Game Development. I hold an Undergrad Degree (BSc) in International Business and Marketing and a Master Degree (MA) in Digital Media Studies from a reputable University in the UK, so combining my academic background with my work experience thus far, gives me an excellent ability to consider every enquiry from our students perspective and from a business point of view.

During my time with Academy Class, I have worked closely on exciting projects for organisations such as KING, Facebook, Shiseido, BAFTA, PWC and many more. I enjoy helping professional teams and private individuals identify skills gaps in their jobs and design educational paths/program to help them reach maximum potential.

If you are interested in working as a Freelance designer, looking to bring skills In-house or just simply training your new recruits to get up to speed with the rest of your team, then give me a call and let me help you with a ‘bespoke training advice’ based on your specific learning objective.

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