Become a CAD Visualiser

CAD Courses

You can find CAD Visualisers in just about any field that has anything to do with building or creating things from drawn plans, such as construction, civil service, shipbuilding, engineering, and manufacturing.


Where to Start

Computer-aided design, also known as CAD, has been around for a long time. It involves using a computer program to create and design plans. These plans could be the layout of a home garden or the next Empire State Building. A CAD Visualiser uses these software programs, such as AutoCAD and Revit, to create the design plans that engineers and builders need for everything, from machines to buildings. They create electronic versions of what used to be hand-drawn blue prints.


CAD Visualisers use specialised software applications to create designs. You do not need a special degree or education to make use of AutoCAD programs. There are specific CAD courses and certification programs that have become accepted as meeting educational requirements for most employers. Becoming familiar with the software application and tools used are essential. Good drawing skills will also make it easier to create designs in CAD programs, but with the more sophisticated programs, you do not need to worry, even those with minimal physical drawing ability will be able to make the most complex designs.

Equipment and Software

To be a CAD Visualiser, you just need a creative spirit, a good computer and CAD software. Your mouse and keyboard are used to draw the lines and create the design, making it easy to use for someone who does not have exceptional drawing skills. Anyone with the right creative interest can enjoy a very rewarding career.


Making a career out of being a CAD Visualiser has rewarding benefits. Visualisers are well paid and there is the added benefit of being able to drive through town and see your designs come to life in fully realised physical form. CAD Visualisers are an integral part of any building or engineering firm. You can work for a large company or be a freelancer; the possibilities are endless.

Get Involved

Networking and people skills are vital for CAD Visualisers. They need to be able to work with builders, construction workers, and engineers. You may need to be able to discuss developing a design with the people you are working for or the engineering team in order to work out design flaws.

Own It

Becoming a CAD Visualiser is more than just education, tools, equipment, and focus; it is also about finding your design style and growing as a Visualiser. No matter what genre of visualisation or design you pick, own it by throwing in your own passions. If you love clean lines and bold colours, focus on this. If you like complex and intricate designs, bring that in to your work. The best part of being a CAD Visualiser is doing what you truly love.

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