Become a 3D Animator

Animation Courses

The creation of 3D animated images is a fascinating process. It involves the manipulation of images through the use of computer software.


Where to Start

Without 3D animation, movies such as Toy Story and other popular animated entertainment would simply not exist. Through the use of computer graphics, cartoon characters and other objects take on a life-like appearance as they move within an interactive background. 3D animators are the creators that make this innovative process possible. They bring the characters to life with computer software that uses different variants such as lighting, shadows, and other movement sectors.


Becoming a professional Animator generally requires taking classes in 3D Animation. These Animation courses are designed to teach you the software and how to create animations that will meet your client’s needs. Our Animation courses also provide you with tangible proof of your skills. While your actual knowledge and skill in the field will be what sells your Animation skills, many jobs require a formal education.

Equipment and Software

Excellent software and equipment can make your role as an Animator that much easier. You will need a good computer that can handle the necessary requirements for high-level animation work. You will also need the right pieces of software: this includes applications such as Maya, 3DS Max, Cinema 4D plus Illustrator and Photoshop, which are standards in the Animation Industry.


A portfolio can make or break you when it comes to getting a role as an Animator. Even if you do not have the complete educational background necessary for a position, if your portfolio is exceptional, most employers will consider work experience as a replacement for formal education. You want to make sure only the best pieces you have go into your portfolio, it showcases your talent, abilities, and your creativity.

Get Involved

One of the fastest ways to learn, grow, and keep yourself up to date on all the latest happenings in the animation and design community is to simply join it. Get involved, put your work out there, hear what other animators and designers have to say, talk to them, and ask questions. The more feedback you get, the better your work will become. It also helps you to network if you have decided to freelance.

Own it

Becoming an animator is more than just education, tools, equipment, and focus; it is also about finding your artistic style and growing as an artist. No matter what genre of animation or design you pick, own it by throwing in your own passions. If you love clean lines and bold colours, focus on this. If you like complex and intricate animations and designs, bring that in to your work. The best part of being an animator is doing what you truly love.

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