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Writing Content That Sticks



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Writing Content that Sticks!  

Are you drying up? Writer’s Block? There are 8 components to this course that will shape your content. We look at your Brand and your Story. Without a story, no one is listening to you! Your website content should tell 70% of your story. Does it? Then your other content should drive people towards your website. How often do you blog or email your clients and prospects? Your competitors are beating you because their messages are getting through.

We’ll help you source material, write cracking intros, appeal to mixed reading preferences and show you how messages and reading psychology works. We’ll work with you to create great copy for your product, then we’ll show you how to check that it’s effective.

Content should connect, be original, different, to shine over your competitors who either don’t bother, or do it badly.

Who is it for?

To grab attention, content must enlighten, entertain and amuse. Therefore, this is for marketing executives, business owners and managers from businesses large and small who recognise that they’re just not talking to their clients and prospects and who need both inspiration and a structure to their content marketing.

What you will learn
  • How to gain edge over your competitors with great content
  • Understanding the importance of how your brand comes to life in your content
  • How you need to sustain rapport with your clients and build your product or service as a subject authority with your prospects
  • Concept planning and scheduling your content marketing strategy
  • How to measure and evaluate the impact of content marketing
  • The role that content marketing plays in SEO
  • How to run campaigns – competitions, and sales campaigns
  • A toolkit for content development

(You will also leave with plenty of ideas and an Implementation Plan)

  • Research formats, ideas stimulation
  • Brand consistency and personality, voice and tone
  • Reader types
  • Avoiding writing just ‘noise’
  • Creating a content strategy, research and plagiarism
  • ‘Story stacking’, hooks, subject headers, styling.
  • Writing techniques and structure
  • Crafting, cutting and dicing powerful content
  • Straplines and subject headers
  • Dual readership
  • How to measure content quality
  • Press releases
  • Social Media

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