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Premiere Pro 101: Yellow Belt (Off Peak)


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Adobe Premiere Pro is a powerful program for editing digital video. Premiere lets you create videos, as well as perform colour correction and work with audio. Students attending this course will learn the fundamentals of non-linear editing techniques.



Students who need to know the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro and countless tips and techniques to help them become more productive with its new features. This course is for individuals who wish to learn how to edit videos to be used on a number of different platforms, including web and DVD. Amateurs with an interest in video editing will also benefit from attending this course.



No previous video editing knowledge/experience is required to complete this course. However, basic computer skills are necessary.


  • Navigating inside Premiere
  • Understanding the tools
  • Organising projects
  • Creating and refining rough cuts
  • Multipoint editing
  • Transitions
  • Working with audio
  • Creating titles and credits
  • Video effects
  • Basic colour correction
  • Outputting video


  •             The Creative Cloud universe
  •             System Specs and recommendations
  •             Resetting Preferences
  •             Overview of Interface

Project Setup

  •             General and Scratch Disk Settings

Importing Media

  •             Video Files
  •             Audio Files
  •             Images (incl Photoshop & Illustrator)
  •             Tapeless
  •             Fixing Audio Configuration Issues

Customizing the Interface

  •             Tweaking Project Panel
  •             Opening Bins (show preferences)
  •             Customizing List View
  •             Customizing Buttons Bars
  •             Customizing Workspaces
  •             Adjusting Keyboard Shortcuts
  •             Building a Rough Cut
  •             Playback mechanics
  •             In/Out Points
  •             Creating Sequences
  •             Adding B-Roll
  •             Understanding Source Panels
  •             Common Rough Cut Edits (razor, rearrange, trim and extend)


  •             Adding Dissolves
  •             Exploring Additional Transitions
  •             Understanding Handles

Extra Editing Techniques

  •             Basic Retiming
  •             Replace Edits
  •             Three Point Edits
  •             Ripple/Roll/Slip/Slide

Effect Controls Panel

  •             Changing Motion Properties
  •             Opacity

Basic Color Correction

  •             Lumetri Color Effect for Basic Adjustments


  •             Adding Basic Titles
  •             Lower Thirds


  •             Intro to Mixing
  •             Recording Voiceover


  •             Export Media Panel
  •             H.264 Settings


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