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Premiere Pro: Beginner

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By the end of this course you will be able to

  • Navigate inside Premiere
  • Understand the tools
  • Organise projects
  • Create and refine rough cuts
  • Multipoint editing
  • Use transitions

  • Work with audio
  • Create titles and credits
  • Apply video effects
  • Apply basic colour correction
  • Output videos
  • And more




Adobe Premiere Pro is a powerful program for editing digital video. Premiere lets you create videos, as well as perform colour correction and work with audio. Students attending this course will learn the fundamentals of non-linear editing techniques.



Students who need to know the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro and countless tips and techniques to help them become more productive with its new features. This course is for individuals who wish to learn how to edit videos to be used on a number of different platforms, including web and DVD. Amateurs with an interest in video editing will also benefit from attending this course.



No previous video editing knowledge/experience is required to complete this course. However, basic computer skills are necessary.


  • Navigating inside Premiere
  • Understanding the tools
  • Organising projects
  • Creating and refining rough cuts
  • Multipoint editing
  • Transitions
  • Working with audio
  • Creating titles and credits
  • Video effects
  • Basic colour correction
  • Outputting video

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Course Times:

9:30 – 11:00

11:00 – 11:15

11:15 – 13:00

 13:00 – 14:00

14:00 – 16:30

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London HQ

12-13 Clerkenwell Green


Universal Square
Devonshire Street
M12 6JH




    • What is non linear video editing and the tapeles workflow?
    • What is Premiere Pro?
    • UI breakdown
    • Workspaces
    First steps:
    • Setting up a project
    • Importing footage
    • Organizing and previewing
    • Creating the first sequence
    Timeline editing:
    • Navigating the timeline
    • Video and audio tracks breakdown
    • Insert and overwrite edits
    • The razor tool
    • Rolling and Ripple trim
    • Using markers
    Working with colour:
    • Colour correction tools
    • Lumetri looks and the color workspace
    • Creating a new look
    Effects and titles:
    • Video transitions
    • Effect controls
    • Adding video effects
    • Creating a new title
    Working with audio:
    • Adding soundtrack
    • Controling volume levels on the timeline
    • Clip and Track mixer
    • Adjusting gain
    • Export settings
    • Export effects
    • Video and audio options

    23 reviews for Premiere Pro: Beginner

    1. Emma Price, UBU

      On my course Adobe Premiere Pro 101 I was especially impressed with the level of knowledge of my instructor Alex. He had a deep understanding of the program, its capabilities and its interface, yet he was able to express this in simple ways so that the whole class understood the activity and no one was left behind. His humour and fun choice of material made the classes far more interesting and enjoyable.

    2. Eoin Carroll

      This is the second course I have taken at Academy Class and now, as before, tutor Mark Gatter was extremely knowledgeable and personable. The quality of the teaching, with the addition of the wealth of industry experience, his passion and the fact that he is a genuinely interesting person make this a learning experience on many more levels than simply getting to grips with a piece of software. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark and Academy Class to anyone who requires software training. I just wish I had more time to be able to attend more classes.

    3. Oliver J.

      I’ve now completed, indesign, photoshop, premier pro and illustrator training courses with Academy Class – I guess I can’t seem to get enough!? Their instructors are always friendly and very knowledgeable. I just wish I had done them years ago instead of waiting as long as I did!

    4. Robert Wellings

      I attended the Premier Pro Yellow Belt Course with no knowledge of video editing what so ever. The 3 days were very informative and jam packed with a learning! I am now producing Product/Tutorial videos for customers. I would recommend Academy Class to anyone.

    5. David

      Excellent course. I think I knew a fair amount about Premier already, so I found it quite easy, as I have self taught myself. However there are always things you might have missed, that you pick up. Good course to cover the basics. Booking the course was however very difficult and computers/software was a bit problematic such as crashes and new update bugs.

    6. sidrah

      Interesting course and I liked that we had a tutor screen that we could see and follow. A schedule of topics to follow of what is being taught would be helpful as a reminder to know what has been covered and what will be covered next. Wasn’t provided the pre-information details to the course due to being booked on late.

    7. Holly

      Really good course – but as I’m such a beginner it would have been better to cover slightly less and do it more times/more thoroughly so content could be remembered. Also it would be good to ask delegates if they need to cover certain tools for their every day work life.

    8. Laura

      Very thorough course.. Only feedback would be on the cleanliness of the venue. Keyboard and computer very mucky…

    9. Zafar

      Great course. Tom the instructor was very knowledgeable. The pacing for the two days was good and he went through methodically. Would definitely recommend!

    10. Elliott

      A very in-depth introduction to Premiere Pro. Having known nothing before, our instructor explained everything in fine detail and made me feel a lot more confident using the programme.

    11. Caitlin

      Mostly well paced – I was surprised by how much I could pick up in two days.

    12. KHAMIS


    13. Kayleigh

      Tom was an expert and had a huge amount of knowledge and delivered the training whilst keeping everyone engaged all day!

    14. gaz

      very good course to learn basics of editing. good intro to editing. use alongside youtube to reinfornce the learning process.

    15. Philippa

      Really enjoyable and has give me a good overview of Premiere. Wish my company could have paid for me to do the full week – I’d have been a pro! Tom was a great teacher with lots of experience of Premiere.

    16. Christian

      Computers are a bit glitchy and not very powerful, software crashes. For editing softwares like this, I would think higher powered equipment should be used.

    17. Ally

      Really enjoyed the course and got what I needed from it. Thank you!

    18. Ross

      Tom is a great instructor!

    19. Daniel

      great. used academy class before and always really good courses.

    20. Catherine

      The course and tutor were very good, informative and useful. I feel like I have a practical understanding of the software now and can go away and use it on my own. The only negative things were the fact that I had requested to use a Mac and was told that they had a note of it but when I arrived, I found that they no longer have Macs so I was put on a PC. Also, I had to email to request the joining documents because nothing had been sent out to me. Luckily, the learning experience was as good as usual so I will probably return but it is just important to give you the feedback about the pre-course elements not being as good as the course itself.

    21. Ian

      Really good course offering a good overview of Premiere Pro, great shortcuts which will help me work faster, and some ideas for techniques which I will certainly be putting into practice back in the office.

    22. Chris

      I’ve just attended the Adobe Premier Pro Course at Academy Class, Great 2 day Introduction course, knowledgeable instructor and a great pace to learn and practice

    23. Taiwo

      I enjoyed the teaching and the environment is very conducive for learning

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