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Introduction to Agile Project Management



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Organisations understand that project work is vital to their business but the methods used to deliver the products often result in long timelines from request to delivery. In many cases this has become unacceptable and sponsors of projects now require shorter delivery times if they are to meet their strategic objectives and earlier Return on Investment (ROI). Agile project management methods are designed to fulfil that imperative but because they can be misunderstood this course introduces the fundamental concepts of project work and describes how agile approaches, properly used, can overcome the problems associated with other types of project management and avoid the misuse of agile.

The course is intended to be very practical in delivery so a high proportion of the time will be spent working through a project using agile methods and approaches. Delegates will be given an opportunity to explore the processes and techniques for the delivery of an agile project.

To accomplish a ‘hands on’ approach the course is best arranged with about eight to twelve delegates drawn from a range of business functions including sponsors, business analysts, product developer and testers, users of the product(s) and any relevant regulatory or interfacing bodies.

The transition to agile ways of working can be fraught with many challenges for all project stakeholders, not just the team allocated to the work. Therefore, the course is constructed and delivered in a way which allows participants to discuss and debate the real concerns they and others might have. Delegates will leave with their own personal approach to addressing the real world challenges of ‘going agile’.

  • Ideally delegates should have some experience of projects
  • There is no pre-course work (and no evening work)

This course is designed for anyone involved with projects including:

  • Project sponsors needing to understand what their project teams will be doing and how to support them
  • Project management team members interested in learning about agile project management methods
  • Users of the products needing to understand how to be involved in projects using agile methods
  • Regulatory bodies, (internal or external), who need to know how to provide effective oversight



  • Registration
  • Welcome and introductions
  • Course overview and approach to learning
  • Definitions of project terms
  • Introduction to projects parameters and project management
  • Typical Waterfall and Agile project lifecycles
  • The origins of Agile
  • The implications of agile for stakeholders
  • The agile family of approaches
  • SCRUM and Agile Project Management
  • Final discussion and course close

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