Davinci Resolve: Zero to HERO

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Learn the color correction and grading using Divinci Resolve. This hands on training course will teach you the key tools & the colour correction & grading process.

Learn the rules and process of Colour Correction, how to read scopes and use them to analyse and fix shots. How to use qualifiers and masks to do secondary correction and build grades. How to track elements in a shot, and how to colour correct over a sequence. And how to save and apply grades over a sequence.

We look at grading techniques that focus on preserving the quality of the original colour data of the footage – this will be accomplished through carefully constructed node workflows and correctly set up RAW projects. Grading styles and looks will be designed using a variety of advanced grading palettes in Resolve, together with the Resolve FX panel and group-based workflows. The session will end on developing a good understanding of delivery formats and workflows. This course is an ideal follow up to Color Grading in DaVinci Resolve 14 or Editing in DaVinci Resolve 14 but it is open to any colorist with hands-on experience.


A person who wishes to work in the video field or who currently works in the field, looking to learn advanced node pipelines, animation techniques and RAW file format theory and workflows. Some students may be mainly interested in creating video primarily for the Web, and others for film, but the majority are preparing more for work in broadcast video.


Before taking this course, you should have a basic understanding of your computers operating system. For example, you should know how to launch an application, create and save files, and copy files from CD and other media.


Day 1

● Project Manager
● Pages
● Project Settings
● Storage Library to Media Pool
● Scene Cut Detection
Media Management:
● Organisation and Smart Bins
● Relinking
● Flagging and Marking
Basic Editing Controls
CC Theory
● Understanding Primaries and Log
● Colour Grade Workflow
Primary Grading:
● Normalisation/Auto Balance
● Shot Matching
● Reading Scopes
Grading palettes:
● Curves
● Colour Wheels
● Using the Viewer
● Clip Comparison
● Gallery

Day 2

XML Timelines:
● Offline Reference Movies
● Conforming
Resolve Colour Management
Secondary Grading:
● Qualifier
● Power Windows
● Motion Tracking:
● Stabilisation
● Match Move

Day 3

HSL Curves
Groups workflows
Node Editor:
● Parallel and Layer Mixer Nodes
● Splitter Combiner Nodes
● Compound Nodes
Nodes Keys:
● Outside Nodes
● Key Palette
● Key Mixer
● External Nodes
Copying Nodes
Green Screen Compositing

Day 4

● Local
● Remote
● Master Timelines
Additional Color Page Palettes:
● Sizing Palette
● Blanking and Resolutions
● Data Burn-In
Keyframe Editor:
● Dynamic/Static keyframes
● Rotoscoping
RAW Setup:
● Camera RAW in Project Settings
● Difference between Rec.709, Log and RAW
● 4K Workflow
Colour Match
B&W Grading

Day 5

Copying Timeline Grades with ColorTrace
Noise Reduction
● Temporal
● Spatial
● Motion Blur tool
Effects in the Color Page
Deliver Page:
● Understanding compression methods
● Common codecs
Dailies Workflow:
● Master Timeline
● Deliver Page
● Premiere Pro
● DPX for VFX workflows (from AE to Resolve)
Archiving/Restoring Projects


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