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AutoCAD: Beginner

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The primary objective of this AutoCAD Training course is to teach delegates the basic commands necessary for professional 2D drawing, design, and drafting using AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. Delegates learn the features and techniques for creating, editing, and printing drawings with AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. Using hands-on exercises, students explore how to create 2D production drawings.



This AutoCAD Training course is designed for new users of AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT.



You’ll know about drafting, design, or engineering principles although this knowledge is not essential it would be an advantage.



You’ll learn to navigate the AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT user interfaces, use the fundamental features of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT, use the precision drafting tools in AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT to develop accurate technical drawings and present drawings in a detailed and visually impressive way.

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Course Times:

9:30 – 11:00

11:00 – 11:15

11:15 – 13:00

 13:00 – 14:00

14:00 – 16:30

How You Want To Learn






Where You Want To Learn

London HQ

12-13 Clerkenwell Green


Universal Square
Devonshire Street
M12 6JH




Taking the AutoCAD Tour

  • Navigating the working environment
  • Working with files
  • Displaying objects

Creating Basic Drawings

  • Inputting data
  • Creating basic objects
  • Using object snaps
  • Using Polar Tracking and PolarSnap
  • Using object snap tracking
  • Working with units

Manipulating Objects

  • Selecting objects in the drawing
  • Changing an object’s position
  • Creating new objects from existing objects
  • Changing the angle of an object’s position
  • Creating a mirror image of existing objects
  • Creating object patterns
  • Changing an object’s size

Drawing Organisation & Inquiry Commands

  • Using layers
  • Changing object properties
  • Matching object properties
  • Using the properties palette
  • Using Linetypes
  • Using inquiry commands

Altering Objects

  • Trimming & extending Objects to defined boundaries
  • Creating parallel & offset geometry
  • Joining objects
  • Breaking an object into two objects
  • Applying a radius corner to two objects
  • Creating an angled corner between two objects
  • Changing part of an object’s shape

Layouts & Viewports

  • Using Layouts
  • Creating layouts
  • Modifying layouts and using page setups
  • Using Viewports
  • Creating layout viewports
  • Working with layout viewports
  • Controlling object visibility in layout viewports

Annotating the Drawing

  • Creating multi-line text
  • Creating single line text
  • Using text styles
  • Editing text


  • Creating Dimensions
  • Using Dimension styles
  • Editing Dimensions
  • Using Multileaders

Hatching Objects

  • Hatching objects
  • Editing Hatch objects

Working with Reusable Content

  • Using blocks
  • Working with DesignCenter
  • Using tool palettes

Creating Additional Drawing Objects

  • Working with Polylines
  • Creating splines
  • Creating ellipses
  • Using tables

Plotting Your Drawings

  • Using page setups
  • Working with plotter configuration files
  • Creating & applying
  • Plotting drawings
  • Plot style tables
  • Publishing drawings

Creating Drawing Templates

  • Using drawing templates

47 reviews for AutoCAD: Beginner

  1. Richard Blakeborough

    I took the AutoCAD Yellow Belt 101 course at Academy Class Manchester and was impressed by the thorough and comprehensive way that the course was delivered. Simon, our tutor, made the whole application very interesting and the whole service was both friendly and professional.

  2. Rookie

    To be completely honest the course far exceeded my expectations. I felt it was incredibly useful. On top of that I think the facilities are brilliant, good locations friendly relaxed people. I thought it was particularly good that there were things, such as meal vouchers, tea coffee etc which whilst only small made me feel as though you guys went the extra mile. I would come back for further courses and i would recommend it to other people.

  3. Angelo D.

    I recently did the AutoCAD 101 Yellow Belt at Academy Class. I found the tutors to be very knowledgable with great teaching techniques, I have learned much am and now using the program on a daily basis. I do think due to Academy I am now learning even faster and using AutoCAD very efficiently. I do now look forward to my next two course which I have already booked.

  4. Toine H.

    I cannot recommend Academy Class enough. A thoroughly useful experience and well worth it! All staff are willing to help in any way they can and will listen to your needs. The instructor for the AutoCAD course Ricardo De Jesus was a great instructor who knew everything there was to know about the program. An excellent experience and one which may lead to other courses in the future. I knew nothing about AutoCAD before beginning, but now feel that I can comfortably use the program for my needs. Excellent!!!

  5. Daren-Marc H.

    Excellent course for beginners! Great format & supporting material. Highly recommend the AutoCAD Yellow Belt for anyone starting out in CAD.

  6. Leonardisme

    I enrolled for an AutoCAD introductory course, and after it was completed I felt completely satisfied. I learnt new skills that will help with my employment and found that Academy Class is a very supportive and consistent educator, I would definitely sign up for another course whenever needed, and would recommend it to anyone.

  7. Verified Client

    Having attended the AutoCad Yellow Belt 101 course with no previous experience, I walked away from the 3 days with a good knowledge of the software and an ability to immediately apply it to my company as a prop maker. The staff were all extremely helpful and welcoming, and the tutor, Ricardo De Jesus, was equally friendly, clear, experienced and informative. I am certainly looking to continue my learning with Academy class further and found it fulfilled my requirements across the board. Highly recommended!

  8. Verified Client

    Excellent course! Great format & supporting course material! I sat the 3 day AutoCAD Yellow Belt with Ricardo as the tutor & got to say he was informative & above all PATIENT! Highly rate Academy Class & will be sitting further courses with them.

  9. Phoebe

    I thought it was very good and wish to further my education in this software

  10. Mac

    Really nice and concise content, that was curated specifically towards us.

  11. Esmeralda

    The course has been really great. Ruta is very welcoming and makes you feel at ease. My only comment is that I think that, for my ability, level I would have liked it to be a little slower.

  12. Kristiopher

    Great friendly service, Michael very experienced answering all of our questions.

  13. Peter

    Michael as a practitioner has a wealth of practical experience and as such is a great instructor for AutoCad.

  14. BASHIR

    Friendly environment. The instructor was an expert. Had a good experience.

  15. marina

    Barath was very knowledgeable and keen to give information that would enhance my knowledge

  16. Alice

    Haleema was such a good teacher. she really tailored the class for us and made us understand how best to do something yet giving us the options to do it other ways if we preferred.

  17. Giverny

    Haleema was patient, listened and was very helpful in answering our questions. I really enjoyed her teaching style, relaxed yet informative!

  18. sam

    very good

  19. MARK


  20. Candice

    Ruta is a very good teacher and exercised a lot of patience and very approachable.

  21. Ben

    Very informative and useful, good to get a certificate at the end. Possibly would like to have had more tasks to complete individually and maybe gone over some areas slightly slower or go over harder areas a few times.

  22. Matt

    Really pleased with how user friendly Autocad is. Course was enjoyable and our lecturer was very helpful. Obviously some parts tested my mind but that was good to see how these issues could be solved . would def recommend .

  23. Liam

    It was very good to have a course focused on our organisational and personal objectives

  24. Simon

    The course was booked for me by my company

  25. Jacob

    Coffee/Tea station could use an upgrade. Common area in need of a bit of a refurb.

  26. Ross

    I struggle with dyslexia and at times found the trainer going too quickly. The trainer would kindly show me things again which was great.

  27. Clodagh

    Really enjoyed the 101 course, we managed to get a lot covered in 3 days whilst having plenty of time to work through any queries we had along the way. Ruta is a fantastic instructor, she was patient and helpful and took on board our specific requests for teaching items we felt we need in our day to day work. The structure was on point and flowed very well. We all enjoyed the course and had a great time with Ruta.

  28. Luke

    Ruta was a fantastic teacher, very knowledgeable and calm with her teaching methods. Would highly recommend her to anyone looking for training in AutoCAD.

  29. dean

    I learned a lot considering I did not know auto cad at the start

  30. Brad

    Micheal was a great instructor. Went through everything thoroughly and was a great when needed extra help. Real pleasure meeting him.

  31. sean

    Thank you for a good informed course Sean Cox

  32. stephany

    ruta is really patient instructor, she knows how to deliver the materials in the right way, I couldn’t stop asking questions and she was always so happy to help

  33. Laurence

    overall a very good course. I learnt a lot on the AutoCad software and being as new to the programme found it very valuable

  34. asha

    Was not aware that all of the material was not going to be covered in the three day course as apposed to the five day course. walking away not having completed the entire course.

  35. Flore

    Please add more stars for my instructor Haleema, she deserves 100 stars, great knowledge, great personality, super star. A big thank you to her.

  36. Charni

    Wonderful thank you

  37. Ashish

    great course and amazing teacher.

  38. alex

    very good three days of training.

  39. Chen

    I would have really liked some hand outs to take notes on

  40. Manj

    Haleema was fantastic in the course. She explained everything so well and I feel i really learnt a lot.

  41. Muhammad Arsalan

    The instructor was very helpful, clear and concise in explaining often difficult concepts.

  42. Nick

    Really enjoyed the course and my knowledge about Autocad has drastically improved. Ruta has been very clear in the instructions and made sure we are fully engaged in the process. Thank you Ruta!

  43. Gjon

    Trainer very goon and helpful

  44. Morven

    Achieved what I wanted to learn; however it would of been good to of know about the option to add this training onto the 201 course.

  45. Paul

    Edddie was excellent.

  46. Alan

    The screen showing us what the instructor was doing was extremely helpful except that it kept flickering out, which was extremely annoying.

  47. Greg

    Iman was great, made the course really enjoyable and has shown great knowledge.

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