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After Effects excels at special effects with hundreds of powerful options included and a vast library of third party effects. With distortion tools, great drawing tools and layer parenting, the creative possibilities are endless.  Choose a course from the list below and start learning now.

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In Academy Class’ Adobe After Effects training courses you will learn all you need to know about visual effects, films, audio and multimedia. So whether your work is broadcasting or that of a graphic designer these courses cover all the techniques you need to significantly improve your command over Adobe After Effects.

Academy Class offers full-time training of Adobe After Effects at its training centers in the following cities: London, Glasgow, Manchester, Cardiff, Newcastle and Birmingham. These courses will enable you to gain expertise over motion tracking, animation, color keying, 3D title designing, video layering, rendering and optimization, and much more.

Our Adobe After Effects courses are taught by industry-experienced and Adobe-certified professionals because at Academy Class, we believe in offering you the best value for your money by hiring the experts only. This ascertains that you learn Adobe After Effects in great detail so that you know all its practical applications.

These Adobe After Effects courses primarily focus on using the software’s features to learn the fundamentals of video editing and then you can move on to one of the advanced level course if you wish. Academy Class has five courses which offer different levels of mastery over Adobe After Effects.

At Academy Class we realize that Adobe After Effects is a highly complicated software thus we have incorporated our training courses with a very learning-oriented and encouraging environment so that we can fully tackle the complexities and teach you how to overcome them with the help of experts. These skills are sure to make you more valuable at your workplace.

Adobe After Effects courses at Academy Class was developed to teach you how to use this immensely powerful tool for creating an extensive variety of audio and visual effects. In the view of the fact that Adobe After Effects is an indispensable mean of high quality video and audio production we make sure that at Academy Class you are equipped with advanced technological workstations to better learn and use this software.

Additionally, if you’re not confident about using what you learn on our public scheduled After Effects training courses, you can retake the class free of charge within 6 months of your first day of training.

All our classes at Academy Class begin at 10 in the morning and go on till 5 in the evening. Enroll now in one of the best After Effects, Adobe-authorized training courses!

It’s the best opportunity to get the most out of your learning experience while blending technology with classroom instructions. We supply training videos, notes and/or reference texts.

If you have any gaps in your knowledge or want to refresh your skills, you are more than welcome to come back and retake the class free of charge up to 18 months after you have taken the class.

If you don’t absolutely LOVE your class, we’ll give you a full refund!  Let us know on the FIRST day of your training if something isn’t quite right and give us a chance to fix it or give you your money back.

We strive to provide you with high-quality training at “value for money” prices. Academy Class has launched some very special and unique training savings plans for its customers: Early Bird (30% Off Standard Price), 15% off Jumpstart courses. Group bookings (10% off for two people, 15% for three etc.), Education, Charity & Freelance discounts (15% discount on any of our open courses) and more.

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Equipped with years of industry experience our instructors will assure a successful leap in your knowledge, improvement and preparation.

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