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Apple Training Courses

Apple Authorised Training Courses by Certified Apple Instructors Deliver Results!

Apple Authorised Training Courses By Academy Class

Authorised Classes by Certified Apple Instructors Deliver Results!

Apple is arguably the most creative software developer in the world. It offers so much more than the iPhone, although that’s pretty special in itself. If you want to really understand its thinking, why not learn its innovative applications and see where it’s heading?

As an Authorized Training Partner for Apple, Academy Class is trusted to provide the best training in the marketplace. We’re passionate about maximizing your potential and enabling you to compete on the world stage. Our fun, hands-on, project-oriented classes are taught by industry-certified experienced designers and developers who work or have worked in the creative and IT industries.

We run classes during the day, evenings and weekends, with small class sizes giving individual attention and encouraging hands-on learning. Many courses lead to Apple Certification, so attending an Academy Class course is a great career move.

Training centres are kitted out with the latest equipment, ensuring a positive learning experience from day one. With the Academy Class Guarantee of Learning Satisfaction, you can retake a public course within six months of completing your first day of training, FREE, if you don’t feel confident later on.
Courses run in Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, London, Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle with Money Saving Schemes designed to suit every pocket. Private and bespoke Apple training courses are available at your own location.

If you stand still, you’ll get left behind, so why not contact us today?

Apple Aperture Logo


Have to touch up pictures quickly on the Apple Mac? Want to smooth out skin tone, correct shadow and add spot colour? Need to compare and contrast shots fast? Aperture enables you to do all this and more, giving you side by side views so you can choose your best shots for print, website and multimedia time after time. Combine HD video, audio tracks, custom titles and effects and showcase your digital media portfolio.

Apple Color Logo


Color is the ultimate finishing tool for music videos, commercials, broadcast post and feature films. Academy Class introduces delegates to the theory of colour and explains how tools ? known as ‘rooms’ ? are used to improve a single scene, create a signature look, create special effects and use broadcast-safe colours. Open your eyes to possibility and learn the tool used for colour in the creative industries today.

Apple Final Cut Pro Logo

Final Cut Pro

Can Final Cut Pro be described in a few sentences? Quite simply it is the tool of choice for motion picture editors the world over. If you want to get to grips with turning shots into a story, using edits such as overwrite, fit-to-fill and superimpose, and understanding timelines, you’ve come to the right place. View multicamera sources simultaneously, cut to fit, add audio and set up your output and you’re well on the way to becoming a motion graphics editor.

Apple Mac OS Logo

Mac OS

Are you defeated by IT? Worried you’re being asked to do too much? Too little time and too few resources? Then worry no longer. Snow Leopard Server is aimed at people who never thought they could run a server and professionals working in overtaxed IT departments. It’s simple to deploy and manage, making it easier for people to collaborate, communicate and share information. Find out more today.

Apple Motion Logo


What makes motion graphics so special? Is it the thrill of 2D and 3D or the transformation of time and space through exploding fragments? If you want to understand the possibilities of reflection, experiment with shadow and swing round objects floating in the air, this course is for you. Unleash your creative powers and experience the freedom of motion graphics.

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