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Digital Media Training Courses

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Academy Class is the new media training company of choice for creatives and developers in UK and beyond. We’re passionate about encouraging creativity, building online communities and encouraging innovation. Do you want to be a film and TV editor, graphic designer or computer games developer? Or an architect using the latest package in computer-aided design (CAD) and 3D? Perhaps you’re interested in learning web design and development? Come and take our digital media courses that will give you the confidence to be part of the industry today. We are the only UK training partner to be authorised by Adobe, Apple, Autodesk and Quark.

Our hands-on courses are held at our training facilities in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff and Birmingham. We can also conduct training on-site at your facility. Either way, we purposely keep our class sizes small, usually less than 10 students. With our smaller class sizes, we have found that students are more eager to interact in class and consequently leave with a more fulfilling experience.


Want a job in new media? In an established digital company? Going freelance? To stay ahead as a creative or developer it’s crucial to keep your skills sharp. Everybody expects the best and the best keep getting better. Academy Class is the leading new media trainer with a network of training centres in the UK. We specialise in helping creatives, marketers and developers take their work to the next level. We provide new media courses, web design courses, design & print courses, photography courses, social media courses, video editing courses and computer-aided design (CAD) courses to private one-to-one training and complete programmes designed to develop your professional skills. So whether you’re an experienced media professional, a creative with some experience or a complete beginner, Academy Class can help.

The creative industries are experiencing a seismic shift in the way they do business. Demand is moving from the static to the dynamic, from print to online and the drive for digital campaigns, digital communications and digital communities is increasing. Academy Class believes in the power of new media to help businesses to grow and individuals to succeed. We educate and innovate in the classroom, online, offline and are a source of knowledge and encouragement for our clients. We’re certified by the major IT vendors in the creative industries too ? Adobe, Apple, Autodesk and Quark – so if you want to get into digital media or extend your reach, contact us today.

Professional Instructors

Our instructors are professionals who work full-time in the field and bring their working knowledge to the classroom to enhance your learning experience. If you want, check out their complete bios! The length and structure of our courses allows you plenty of time to experiment and ask questions.

Academy Class Guarantee

Another reason our classes are successful is because we offer an unconditional Academy Class Guarantee. We make an upfront commitment to you that you’ll be comfortable with what you learn in our classes. If you don’t feel that you’ve grasped the concepts and can put the training into practice, we invite you to repeat the same course within a 6 month period absolutely free of charge. Academy Class’s Guarantee, means you can rest assured that if you’re still uncertain about what you’ve learned, you can come back free of charge and sit the class again. It’s that simple.


To show how much we value our students, we offer a various discounts for groups, freelancers, returning, education and charity clients, and or special Early Bird discounts.

What Our Students Say

We make a lot of assertions on this page about how great our training is, and you have a right to be sceptical. Well, don’t believe us—ask the industry professional students who have been kind enough to provide us with testimonials.

10 Day Training Voucher Super Offer for Super Value!

Get 10 days of training for just £997 with our Training Voucher Super Offer! Grab yours now!

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New premium Academy Class courses

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